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Supporting Families Living With Childhood Cancer

The Olivia Lambert Foundation exists to help lessen the financial burden on families with children who are suffering neuroblastoma or other aggressive forms of childhood cancer.

Caring for critically ill kids is emotionally draining but coupled with the fear and anxiety felt by parents can be the crippling financial burden of job loss, travel and treatment.  We've met the parents and we’ve visited the hospital wards to witness first- hand the devastating effect this can have on families.  

The foundation was established to assist families who find themselves in difficult financial circumstances. The catalyst for its establishment was a beautiful little girl, Olivia Lambert who for six years battled neuroblastoma sadly succumbing to the disease in August 2012. The foundation helped Olivia and her family and is ready to help you!   

If you are in this position or know of a family dealing with these circumstances, please contact us to discuss how we may be able to assist.

To provide this financial support to families with children suffering aggressive forms of childhood cancer we need the generous support of the community.  We can only help these families if you can help us. Unlike many other charities our administrative costs are infinitesimal because we operate with unpaid volunteers. Sure it keeps our costs down but also limits our ability to conduct large fundraising drives such as our inaugural and spectacularly successful charity dinner and auction held in 2010.  

We want to keep repeating these events as we need the funds but we can’t without help from the community and in particular sponsorship from Australian businesses. Sponsorship of the foundation would be rewarded by wide media exposure, naming rights and acknowledgment of the generosity extended.  

As a business owner are you prepared to put something back into the community by helping these despairing families and thereby give these critically ill kids the best care and treatment they deserve and their best chance of survival? 

You could be the inaugural sponsor!

For further information on how you might help, contact the founder and trustee of the Olivia Lambert Foundation, Richard Hedges Contact Us .